lip seal design in ball valve

Lip Seal Design In Ball Valve

Lip seal is a type of spring-energized ring that is widely used in ball valves serving various oil and gas fields because of its excellent sealing performance....

DBB VS DIB ball valve

DBB VS DIB Ball Valve

DBB-Double block and bleed valve API 6D definition: "Valve with two or more seating surfaces that, in the closed position, provides a seal against pressure from both ends...

side entry vs top entry ball valves

Side Entry Vs Top Entry Ball Valve

Side Entry Vs Top Entry Ball Valve Content Side entry ball valve Top entry ball valve Body 2-piece/3piece 1-piece body Advantage Valve parts are easy to assemble In-line ...

floating ball valve vs trunnion ball valves

Floating Ball Valve Vs Trunnion Ball Valve

Floating and trunnion ball valves are both quarter-turn shut-off valves. They have a tight sealing mechanism that prevents leaks. This makes them suitable for application...

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